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Products Guide

Whether you are looking for a special gift for your friends and family, or you want to have something different and beautiful on your home wall, office desk or on your T-shirt, you are in the right place!

By purchasing our products, you will receive a digital version of the product in the form of a 300 dpi high quality PNG file that has been customized for you. We call it DGBoom! You can print it on your preferred material on your own.

Scan the code and enjoy!

That’s great! Now, close your eyes. We’ve another surprise for you. Your unique voice can be played on your smartphone or tablet after scanning a tiny QR Code available at the bottom of your DGBoom.

You can scan this code using special applications introduced in the next section. If your smartphone is connected to the Internet while scanning the code, you will be navigated to a dedicated page on our website to listen the voice associated with your DGBoom.

Learn more about QR code.

How to scan the QR code on my DGBoom?

You don’t need to install a separate QR code scanning app on iPhone. All you need to do is open the phone’s camera app and take a picture on the QR code to detect its contents.

If you own an Android smartphone, there are several apps for scanning the QR code for these phones that you can use whichever you want. We also recommend the QR & Barcode Scanner app, which you can download from Google Play.

After installing the application, all you have to do is run it and hold your phone’s camera on the board so that the QR code appears in the section marked by the application. In this way, after a few moments, the link to the dedicated page will be provided to you, and by touching it, you will be directed to this page and you can listen to the voice.

How to buy our products?

You can order digital version of DGBoom products here. We will contact you using your email or WhatsApp account number immediately to finalize your order.